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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

what is there to survive?

This is a veyr difficult subject like the rest of this topic. The first thing is to survive in our daily life. For many or even most this can be either simply, very hard, or carrying right over into a daily ordeal where the mind is made numb by the hunger hardship, illness and the brutality of the regime ruling the society. To awaken in such conditions are almost if not impossible.
Was it not for some reason Bhudda was born into luxurious surroundings, and had a wonderful sexual partner, in early life, a very beautiful woman? And children and people to do his every whim. That he was later celibate is proof he was not with the handicaps many have due to an early life of strife , that thus enabled his mind ot be perfectly balanced. Few are born this way.
The man Yeheshua ben Joseph who Christians call Christ, also was born into a stable family, but I believe he had the perfection already in him, as opposed to Bhudda who sought it in his life's journey. Poverty can have a wonderful stability of its own. Make no mistake. It is not poverty or wealth but stability. One may be poor and live in some hut in Colorado or British Columbia or on some mountain in Scotland, yet be perfectly happy. Again it is the stability that counts here. Few have it for life here on Earth is one of wanting all the time , of craving, temptation and then we have grinding poverty that makes these desires unatainable. It is not so much the poverty of daily life but the inner poverty that is invariably the problem.

so, taking typical western society here, one may ask again what is there to survive? First it is hard and getting harder for many to survive each day, and this is one reason so many are no better than sheep. They accept whatever is thrown at them, simply because they are not used to using their minds. They are locked inside themselves by virtue of grinding habit.
They are not used to questioning everything told to them. To having a completely open mind which is hard enough for myself, at times, old habits sadly and forgetfulness.

so, let us assume the person here is not wealthy as such but has enough disposable income to at least buy fresh supplies shall we say. Now let us assume the economy is shredded even further, and we are at war, with Iran, for many of the governments . Most people see through the utter foolishness of all these silly wars and most wars are nothing but evil --plain simple evil. There is no other word to use. But also the media gets us used to these wars and all the economic problems sem to be other peoples, not out own. Facts and statistics are thrown around on the television and we slowly become innured to the meanings behind them .Until the gasoline suddenly runs out. The straights of Hormuz are blocked. Maybe permanently, meaning we are in a permanent state of gas shortage, and then the shops begin to run out. Some form of rationing which is then imposed shall we say, based on lack of supply, rather than direct governement edict. This is the beginning I think of what may well happen to us.

This then, is the most predictable scenario I think, for most of us. It will be a culture shock I am sure, and basically a war mentality may emerge. This is what some of the elite may be wanting, to happen. That we are so mired in daily events, in short simplyb imply trying to get by, but we fail to notice what else is going on. in short the elite may be hoping for maximum distraction of the massed . Why, I will suggest later.

whilst we have basic goods, for a minimum decent, life style, that is fine , but once these are lost or become intermittent then problems start to happen.
The basic problem in considering survivalism is that most people livelarge in some city, or town and most live near the coast or within one hundred miles, of it, many far less. and most have some family dependencies, to think about. Very few have my own assets of a little money, no debts in real terms more than ones assets shall we say, and i have no real family to think of as they are all a long way away, and not dependent on me in any way. this is a perfect state to be in in terms of survivalasm. few have these opportunities. Even so, having a family can be a wonderful asset as the first thing most will think about is what help can they give to others and to be given themselves, in a community and the first community is one family. That for most is where it starts.

So, whilst an economic state of regress may well happen to us, we should be asking, what else can happen? Now we enter the esoteric aspects of this, and must refer to the warnings NASA is giving out about solar storms in the next few years, very few years . these will give us a clue.
now with problems of surviving day to day, and getting worse, then we have solar storms to think about. The reason for them I will specualte later on.
So, we have the scenario of the grid going down at least being intermittent at first, then worse as the days go by. Untill it may fail completly. I have a lot of speculation as tothe reasons for this, happening, as for the actual reasons I will save my gunshot for later.

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