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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

further aspects of survival

Surviving in any stressful situation is as much or more so, a mental/spiritual quality as physical. This is easily proven by the hermits who forsake food for two or more weeks to get past their brain consciousness. Only when there is sufficient integration of mind can such things be attempted. If a person has lost most attachments and has less ego than most, that person will more easily be able to resist the stresses of some cataclysmic event. Again I can prove this easily. How much more simple is it for a South Sea Islander to see their house and land washed away, and simply come back and rebuild and in a few months with help from neighbours they are soon back to their ways of life before the storm.
The trauma will be less for them as they have so few attachments to luxuries, and are only dependant on nature which is all around them and not some artificial life style where goods are delivered by parcel vans and ordered over the internet.
So, the first thing, lose your attachments. this will strengthen your mind and bring you back home to your true nature . As the Buddhists might say. We need a constant sense of our own presence, and meditation may be helpful here. but motst important one should develop the right orientation to life and those around us. Not easy, but unless we realise this and make the effort we will be like sheep controoled by the sheep dogs when something nasty happens.
The next thing is to realise the following. What will happen if or when something nasty comes our way? Say food runs out, water is rationed, no electric for days on end? And ask yourselves have we seen this coming at all? Or were we as the sheep, content to nibble the grass in front of us and not see the shepherd and his dogs on the horizon?
So,I ask you will you stay here if the floods come, or will you depart for the country, and if so, where? Next transport. If the electric goes off, let us say from a solar mass ejection, and our communications , television, go down and so we go outside to start the car and as the keys turn in the ignition nothing else happens. We look under the bonnet and all we see is melted plastic.....
Now did we plan for this? Now assume the power has gone and the telephone and the television is dead. What now? The first thing we need is water but we were slow to buy water in the supermarket. So, our neighbours? But we find they are in a worse state than we are. They are sick, and old, yet we are fit, But the shops are miles away. There is no one to help us. Yet, yet we had been told, what about NASA, and NOAA, and what about FEMA issuing vague warnings? But we laughed it off, and should have read between the lines . Alas many millions are now destitute, even if having money in the bank. But the teller machines are not working, and all the computers in the shops are locked out. .
so, this is what may well happen if as NASA is saying the CME's begin in 2012.
The question I ask, is this , if we have had these warnings, why have we done nothing about it ?

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