some thoughts as regards the arrival of phaeton, also world events and the UFO subject

the purpose of this blog is to put together some thoughts on three subjects mainly, the coming of phaeton, the UFO subject matter, and lasty world events. other things may be included but these three are the main categories of my thought

Saturday, 24 July 2010

some thoughts as to the sequence of events and the sequence of future events

Listening To Bill Deagle today, one has the impression the US military are continuing with operation Ploughshare. It was only alluded to in jest at the earhquake near Washington.
Ploughshare was the use of nuclear explosives to blast large caverns out of the ground in Arizona , and was used it seems to build many or all of the underground bases at least the main sections of them. I asume they have far more advance technology these days however. And it is said Dulce underground base was started using nuclear explosive charges. But the facts are hard to ascertain.
However the idea has occured to me now, as regards present conditions we live under, that one reason the Gulf is on the state it is in is the following hypothesis..
First, the US navy would seem to have maps of the future coastline of the world similar to the one Michael Scallion saw in a vision. . They include the coastline around the Gulf coast, which apparently and along with the whole of Florida, are about to go under the sea as the level rises.
According to John Moore, of, the military have told many of the ex servicemen to find a home in the Ozarks in the middle of the United States. These are apparently some of the safest areas to be found when the inundation occurs.
Now on the bases of this hypothesis that something is heading our way, whether it be Phaeton on its return journey, or some solar eruption or some galactic core explosion, whatever, and assuming the high echelons of the worlds governments are aware of this, it is reasonable to assume the following.

Massive --utterly massive --preparations have been on going for some time now. Underground bases built, subterranean transit systems constructed, according to many sources. I cite Phil Schneider, now deceased, also Bill Deagle and Henry Deacon .
Next to the Gulf again. Whether by accident and riding that accident for all it is worth, or by some deliberate means e.g. using Haliburton as an agent?? They are either dragging their feet , careless fo the consequecnes for the region and the inhabitants. Knowing it will soon, all be
underwater just as they will be underground , but for very different reasons. So the problem will be resolved very soon now by forces of nature well beyond this earth..
Next the economy. It is widely thought the debt of the United States, is so large it is in effect unrepayable. As are the debts of many nations. Thus like the Gulf, the economies may well have been written off at some high level. If the world is soon to be assaulted from without, huge CME's, huge tectonic shifts, magneto-gravitic energy from outer space causing magnetic reversals and crustal displacements, etc. then the world as we know it will not last much longer. So why save what is soon to vanish under the sea? And the economy will not be here after the cataclysm and deluge. So why worry about debt?

It is to be assumed that if planet X is a reality and is inward bound across our orbital plane on its journey outward, then one assumes much of the focus is on getting ready for this whilst politically seeming to be getting on with life for the rest of us. The false impression fostered , of normality, is as much it do with not causing panic as to save the elite and apparatus of government . Whilst they flee downward or skyward, it is to be thought we will be kept occupied by wars and economic collapse. So, when the manure and the propeller meet, in a few years time we won't notice the politicians are somehow not to be found!!!

Hence we come back to the wars being fought, and next the one maybe the bombing of Iran. Or even North Korea. And if one has no enemies to fight, then as with the pretext of 9/11- a government inside job I personally assume it to be then with these false flags we proceed to create the enemy through which we wage our wars.
Thus, they will tie the populace down completely with sky high fuel prices, with wars raging, even a third world war!!!, poor health, poisoned water and food, chemtrails, and of course the mind numbing, television , simply to distract our minds whilst the elite, are focused on what is incoming, in the heavens.
This would make sense assuming that planet x, is coming back, as it was once experienced by our ancestors, and is a reality. Alternatively something else may be lurking in wait as we approach the galactic centre. Huge gravitational storms, cosmic dust clouds disrupting the sun, causing the CME's, and other things are muted.
Now the evidence for this is, whilst slight, yet is sifficiently potent, such that sufficient that we are allowed to use our discernment and imagination. To formulate our hypothesies and then wait as events unfold. There is no other way, except to go back to sleep like the vast, vast majority do, and keep on living as though all is sweetness and light amongst the political and industrial heierarchy. And everyone else is happy,
I am sure it isn't.

Now one major clue, why would NASA make two or more warnings about violent solar activity in 2012? And present a seminar to business leaders a few months ago, telling them how to protect computer systems when the sun explodes!!!!!! the question is never answered what may be causing the sun to errupt in a few years time. Could planet X be causing the sun to errupt? ? Nothing happens by chance, these CME events are not random , and NASA seems to imply that this one is predictable. They seem to know something is about to happen, again look at the satelites they have in orbit and look at the focus on the suns/earths south pole. What are they expecting to see??????.

Then we have the south pole telescope, and the vatican telescope in Arizona. We have WISE and CHANDRA and IRAS and the Japanese satellite, and the French South Pole telescope. Why the focus on this latitude as though they are waiting the arrival of something? There is even the observatory in Chile built at huge exepnse, everything is looking southwards and in the infra red, it seems or X-ray spectrum. One can only assume they are seeking a dark body, and it is thought, a brown dwarf. At about 4-5 earth masses. Why have they alluded recently, to WISE seeking out brown dwarfs in particular, are they implying something here?
Then we have the mystery of the third secret of Fatima. NOW if something is being hidden from us, this third secret, then the reason must be something terrible is being predicted to happen. If it was given for a reason it is being hidden converesly for that same reason.!! Think of it.
So many threads. So many question unanswered.

More will be said about all this, on the next posting .

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

further aspects of survival

Surviving in any stressful situation is as much or more so, a mental/spiritual quality as physical. This is easily proven by the hermits who forsake food for two or more weeks to get past their brain consciousness. Only when there is sufficient integration of mind can such things be attempted. If a person has lost most attachments and has less ego than most, that person will more easily be able to resist the stresses of some cataclysmic event. Again I can prove this easily. How much more simple is it for a South Sea Islander to see their house and land washed away, and simply come back and rebuild and in a few months with help from neighbours they are soon back to their ways of life before the storm.
The trauma will be less for them as they have so few attachments to luxuries, and are only dependant on nature which is all around them and not some artificial life style where goods are delivered by parcel vans and ordered over the internet.
So, the first thing, lose your attachments. this will strengthen your mind and bring you back home to your true nature . As the Buddhists might say. We need a constant sense of our own presence, and meditation may be helpful here. but motst important one should develop the right orientation to life and those around us. Not easy, but unless we realise this and make the effort we will be like sheep controoled by the sheep dogs when something nasty happens.
The next thing is to realise the following. What will happen if or when something nasty comes our way? Say food runs out, water is rationed, no electric for days on end? And ask yourselves have we seen this coming at all? Or were we as the sheep, content to nibble the grass in front of us and not see the shepherd and his dogs on the horizon?
So,I ask you will you stay here if the floods come, or will you depart for the country, and if so, where? Next transport. If the electric goes off, let us say from a solar mass ejection, and our communications , television, go down and so we go outside to start the car and as the keys turn in the ignition nothing else happens. We look under the bonnet and all we see is melted plastic.....
Now did we plan for this? Now assume the power has gone and the telephone and the television is dead. What now? The first thing we need is water but we were slow to buy water in the supermarket. So, our neighbours? But we find they are in a worse state than we are. They are sick, and old, yet we are fit, But the shops are miles away. There is no one to help us. Yet, yet we had been told, what about NASA, and NOAA, and what about FEMA issuing vague warnings? But we laughed it off, and should have read between the lines . Alas many millions are now destitute, even if having money in the bank. But the teller machines are not working, and all the computers in the shops are locked out. .
so, this is what may well happen if as NASA is saying the CME's begin in 2012.
The question I ask, is this , if we have had these warnings, why have we done nothing about it ?

what is there to survive?

This is a veyr difficult subject like the rest of this topic. The first thing is to survive in our daily life. For many or even most this can be either simply, very hard, or carrying right over into a daily ordeal where the mind is made numb by the hunger hardship, illness and the brutality of the regime ruling the society. To awaken in such conditions are almost if not impossible.
Was it not for some reason Bhudda was born into luxurious surroundings, and had a wonderful sexual partner, in early life, a very beautiful woman? And children and people to do his every whim. That he was later celibate is proof he was not with the handicaps many have due to an early life of strife , that thus enabled his mind ot be perfectly balanced. Few are born this way.
The man Yeheshua ben Joseph who Christians call Christ, also was born into a stable family, but I believe he had the perfection already in him, as opposed to Bhudda who sought it in his life's journey. Poverty can have a wonderful stability of its own. Make no mistake. It is not poverty or wealth but stability. One may be poor and live in some hut in Colorado or British Columbia or on some mountain in Scotland, yet be perfectly happy. Again it is the stability that counts here. Few have it for life here on Earth is one of wanting all the time , of craving, temptation and then we have grinding poverty that makes these desires unatainable. It is not so much the poverty of daily life but the inner poverty that is invariably the problem.

so, taking typical western society here, one may ask again what is there to survive? First it is hard and getting harder for many to survive each day, and this is one reason so many are no better than sheep. They accept whatever is thrown at them, simply because they are not used to using their minds. They are locked inside themselves by virtue of grinding habit.
They are not used to questioning everything told to them. To having a completely open mind which is hard enough for myself, at times, old habits sadly and forgetfulness.

so, let us assume the person here is not wealthy as such but has enough disposable income to at least buy fresh supplies shall we say. Now let us assume the economy is shredded even further, and we are at war, with Iran, for many of the governments . Most people see through the utter foolishness of all these silly wars and most wars are nothing but evil --plain simple evil. There is no other word to use. But also the media gets us used to these wars and all the economic problems sem to be other peoples, not out own. Facts and statistics are thrown around on the television and we slowly become innured to the meanings behind them .Until the gasoline suddenly runs out. The straights of Hormuz are blocked. Maybe permanently, meaning we are in a permanent state of gas shortage, and then the shops begin to run out. Some form of rationing which is then imposed shall we say, based on lack of supply, rather than direct governement edict. This is the beginning I think of what may well happen to us.

This then, is the most predictable scenario I think, for most of us. It will be a culture shock I am sure, and basically a war mentality may emerge. This is what some of the elite may be wanting, to happen. That we are so mired in daily events, in short simplyb imply trying to get by, but we fail to notice what else is going on. in short the elite may be hoping for maximum distraction of the massed . Why, I will suggest later.

whilst we have basic goods, for a minimum decent, life style, that is fine , but once these are lost or become intermittent then problems start to happen.
The basic problem in considering survivalism is that most people livelarge in some city, or town and most live near the coast or within one hundred miles, of it, many far less. and most have some family dependencies, to think about. Very few have my own assets of a little money, no debts in real terms more than ones assets shall we say, and i have no real family to think of as they are all a long way away, and not dependent on me in any way. this is a perfect state to be in in terms of survivalasm. few have these opportunities. Even so, having a family can be a wonderful asset as the first thing most will think about is what help can they give to others and to be given themselves, in a community and the first community is one family. That for most is where it starts.

So, whilst an economic state of regress may well happen to us, we should be asking, what else can happen? Now we enter the esoteric aspects of this, and must refer to the warnings NASA is giving out about solar storms in the next few years, very few years . these will give us a clue.
now with problems of surviving day to day, and getting worse, then we have solar storms to think about. The reason for them I will specualte later on.
So, we have the scenario of the grid going down at least being intermittent at first, then worse as the days go by. Untill it may fail completly. I have a lot of speculation as tothe reasons for this, happening, as for the actual reasons I will save my gunshot for later.

Monday, 19 July 2010

the state of things right now

sadly, getting my thoughts on how the word is and is heading could take all night. but, I will make an effort as i have so much free time to do this.

As things stand, we have some interesting developments recently. So, where to begin. I will take the upper atmosphere which I am informed has lost over thirty percent of its heat energy, which has taken scientists quite by surprise. . Then there are the problem's in the gulf of Mexico. Now many think there are some deliberate actions on the part of the US government in league with BP, or at least they are following Rham Emmanuals dictum of making good use of a crisis. Quite simply by making one gigantic mess of the Gulf and ruining the lives of the residents.!!!!!! One thought, is it normal practise to call a volcano a leak??
Now, an Italien scientist has done some mathematical modeling and some computer graphics and it would seem that the Atlantic conveyor , at least the loop current in the Gulf, is breaking up.
Now I am told from Bill Deagle show, the Atlantic conveyor or gulf stream, has been losing 40-50 percent of its power since 2004. To that effect. The break up of the loop current in the Gulf will slow down the velocity of the gulf stream even more. Now coupled with the lack of solar activity, are we heading into a maunder minimum style ice age, induced further by human misdeed? Are we in fact heading for a real ice age? Some think we are.
Now, I also note the heating of the Moon of Saturn, Titan, that its Poles, are melting. Something is causing this...
Next I note the severe earthquakes over the past months, there was a large one in Alaska yesterday. again we must assume the earths core is being energised, and the magma is moving faster and rising. Something is doing this...????
Now i hark back to the maps of Michael Scallion, -psychic- where the Madrid Fault opened up and most of the Gulf States were buried under the ocean.
We are talking about violent earth changes here, and there are maps i believe, in the US navy where similar events are shown, possibly created by remote viewers.
So, my hypothesis is the authorities are aware that something is on the horizon, and it is just possible that their twisted and possibly psycopathic thinking may be bringing to a focus these events, possibly, by first wrecking the Gulf Coast and if the war starts with Iran, the framework for total global breakdown will then be set, the controlled society that the elite are seeking, Presaging the arrival of our friend from the nether regions of the solar system.
Now this last sentence may seem extreme, but again there are remote viewers in Japan, and in the military who are aware something is heading our way.
there is too much evidence here. one cannot ignore these reports.
I must mention that twice in the last six months NASA has warned of cataclysmic CME's and subsequent EMP's, that could have a catastrophic impact on our electronic systems. In 2012!!!!!
What I think we are seeing is a convergence of events many in fact artificially created by the elite, and all converging on the next few years, between now and shall we say by 2016.
As I have said elsewhere, if something nasty,
really really nasty, is coming towards us, it would according to the twisted logic of the elite, be best to have a system of control over the population so when the manure and the turbine join hands, those who want to maintain control will do so, until they enter the deep bunkers, and the military who are left on the surface will have left, vast hordes of angry and terrified people to deal with.
By then it will be every man for himself. There will be no law and order. But in the interim, I suspect the elite want sufficient control to protect their rear quarters. As they descend deep underground...........
Their techniques as I see them are as follows. To keep the world in poverty, and deep in debt. To maintain the nightly media fest would be George Orwels dream of brainwashing, if he was here. Brainwashed by all the rubbish , the soap operas, the controlled media, news , false science and false history.
Now as the people are strangled by debt, and have a bad enough time finding work, the war with Iran may break out. this will act in concert with the Gulf, to put a further break on the mobility of the populace.
thus as the sheep are gathered into the sheep fold, one day it will be too late. .
Now if Phaeton is on its way, we will thus have two things-- a deeply controlled dumbed down society, half of which living almost in poverty, , then we have the power elite, such as the Bilderbergers, the Trilaterels and such, who have made the compact with the devil, who have since 1947, been aware that something is due right about now, just as it happened 3600 years ago. And many times before then.
I think then, we are seeing a convergence of sub-events that are precursors to the
real event in a few years time. As I said, I suspect the new world order is merely a control mechanism , to keep the people where they are so the plans made higher up are'nt thwarted. Nothing more than that. Just controll mechanisms, in place when things really get nasty.
I will deal with the history of this later on as best i can, and try to put events in some perspective but it s a very very hard task, . Still it is good to try.

All the above are merely hypothesese, but it has many factual elements in it. Do your own research as always.

a few words to make my purpose clear

I only wish to say, this blog is as much to crystallise my own thinking as to offer I hope, insights and such to others. it is up to you all to do your own thinking, based on what information comes to you. no one can do this for you. do as I do, treat all these things as at best interesting hypothesis until their truth or falsity becomes clear to you. hold beliefs by all means but an open mind truly open is always willing to ditch old beliefs in light of new information. this is the way I do things.