some thoughts as regards the arrival of phaeton, also world events and the UFO subject

the purpose of this blog is to put together some thoughts on three subjects mainly, the coming of phaeton, the UFO subject matter, and lasty world events. other things may be included but these three are the main categories of my thought

Monday, 19 July 2010

the state of things right now

sadly, getting my thoughts on how the word is and is heading could take all night. but, I will make an effort as i have so much free time to do this.

As things stand, we have some interesting developments recently. So, where to begin. I will take the upper atmosphere which I am informed has lost over thirty percent of its heat energy, which has taken scientists quite by surprise. . Then there are the problem's in the gulf of Mexico. Now many think there are some deliberate actions on the part of the US government in league with BP, or at least they are following Rham Emmanuals dictum of making good use of a crisis. Quite simply by making one gigantic mess of the Gulf and ruining the lives of the residents.!!!!!! One thought, is it normal practise to call a volcano a leak??
Now, an Italien scientist has done some mathematical modeling and some computer graphics and it would seem that the Atlantic conveyor , at least the loop current in the Gulf, is breaking up.
Now I am told from Bill Deagle show, the Atlantic conveyor or gulf stream, has been losing 40-50 percent of its power since 2004. To that effect. The break up of the loop current in the Gulf will slow down the velocity of the gulf stream even more. Now coupled with the lack of solar activity, are we heading into a maunder minimum style ice age, induced further by human misdeed? Are we in fact heading for a real ice age? Some think we are.
Now, I also note the heating of the Moon of Saturn, Titan, that its Poles, are melting. Something is causing this...
Next I note the severe earthquakes over the past months, there was a large one in Alaska yesterday. again we must assume the earths core is being energised, and the magma is moving faster and rising. Something is doing this...????
Now i hark back to the maps of Michael Scallion, -psychic- where the Madrid Fault opened up and most of the Gulf States were buried under the ocean.
We are talking about violent earth changes here, and there are maps i believe, in the US navy where similar events are shown, possibly created by remote viewers.
So, my hypothesis is the authorities are aware that something is on the horizon, and it is just possible that their twisted and possibly psycopathic thinking may be bringing to a focus these events, possibly, by first wrecking the Gulf Coast and if the war starts with Iran, the framework for total global breakdown will then be set, the controlled society that the elite are seeking, Presaging the arrival of our friend from the nether regions of the solar system.
Now this last sentence may seem extreme, but again there are remote viewers in Japan, and in the military who are aware something is heading our way.
there is too much evidence here. one cannot ignore these reports.
I must mention that twice in the last six months NASA has warned of cataclysmic CME's and subsequent EMP's, that could have a catastrophic impact on our electronic systems. In 2012!!!!!
What I think we are seeing is a convergence of events many in fact artificially created by the elite, and all converging on the next few years, between now and shall we say by 2016.
As I have said elsewhere, if something nasty,
really really nasty, is coming towards us, it would according to the twisted logic of the elite, be best to have a system of control over the population so when the manure and the turbine join hands, those who want to maintain control will do so, until they enter the deep bunkers, and the military who are left on the surface will have left, vast hordes of angry and terrified people to deal with.
By then it will be every man for himself. There will be no law and order. But in the interim, I suspect the elite want sufficient control to protect their rear quarters. As they descend deep underground...........
Their techniques as I see them are as follows. To keep the world in poverty, and deep in debt. To maintain the nightly media fest would be George Orwels dream of brainwashing, if he was here. Brainwashed by all the rubbish , the soap operas, the controlled media, news , false science and false history.
Now as the people are strangled by debt, and have a bad enough time finding work, the war with Iran may break out. this will act in concert with the Gulf, to put a further break on the mobility of the populace.
thus as the sheep are gathered into the sheep fold, one day it will be too late. .
Now if Phaeton is on its way, we will thus have two things-- a deeply controlled dumbed down society, half of which living almost in poverty, , then we have the power elite, such as the Bilderbergers, the Trilaterels and such, who have made the compact with the devil, who have since 1947, been aware that something is due right about now, just as it happened 3600 years ago. And many times before then.
I think then, we are seeing a convergence of sub-events that are precursors to the
real event in a few years time. As I said, I suspect the new world order is merely a control mechanism , to keep the people where they are so the plans made higher up are'nt thwarted. Nothing more than that. Just controll mechanisms, in place when things really get nasty.
I will deal with the history of this later on as best i can, and try to put events in some perspective but it s a very very hard task, . Still it is good to try.

All the above are merely hypothesese, but it has many factual elements in it. Do your own research as always.