some thoughts as regards the arrival of phaeton, also world events and the UFO subject

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Saturday, 24 July 2010

some thoughts as to the sequence of events and the sequence of future events

Listening To Bill Deagle today, one has the impression the US military are continuing with operation Ploughshare. It was only alluded to in jest at the earhquake near Washington.
Ploughshare was the use of nuclear explosives to blast large caverns out of the ground in Arizona , and was used it seems to build many or all of the underground bases at least the main sections of them. I asume they have far more advance technology these days however. And it is said Dulce underground base was started using nuclear explosive charges. But the facts are hard to ascertain.
However the idea has occured to me now, as regards present conditions we live under, that one reason the Gulf is on the state it is in is the following hypothesis..
First, the US navy would seem to have maps of the future coastline of the world similar to the one Michael Scallion saw in a vision. . They include the coastline around the Gulf coast, which apparently and along with the whole of Florida, are about to go under the sea as the level rises.
According to John Moore, of, the military have told many of the ex servicemen to find a home in the Ozarks in the middle of the United States. These are apparently some of the safest areas to be found when the inundation occurs.
Now on the bases of this hypothesis that something is heading our way, whether it be Phaeton on its return journey, or some solar eruption or some galactic core explosion, whatever, and assuming the high echelons of the worlds governments are aware of this, it is reasonable to assume the following.

Massive --utterly massive --preparations have been on going for some time now. Underground bases built, subterranean transit systems constructed, according to many sources. I cite Phil Schneider, now deceased, also Bill Deagle and Henry Deacon .
Next to the Gulf again. Whether by accident and riding that accident for all it is worth, or by some deliberate means e.g. using Haliburton as an agent?? They are either dragging their feet , careless fo the consequecnes for the region and the inhabitants. Knowing it will soon, all be
underwater just as they will be underground , but for very different reasons. So the problem will be resolved very soon now by forces of nature well beyond this earth..
Next the economy. It is widely thought the debt of the United States, is so large it is in effect unrepayable. As are the debts of many nations. Thus like the Gulf, the economies may well have been written off at some high level. If the world is soon to be assaulted from without, huge CME's, huge tectonic shifts, magneto-gravitic energy from outer space causing magnetic reversals and crustal displacements, etc. then the world as we know it will not last much longer. So why save what is soon to vanish under the sea? And the economy will not be here after the cataclysm and deluge. So why worry about debt?

It is to be assumed that if planet X is a reality and is inward bound across our orbital plane on its journey outward, then one assumes much of the focus is on getting ready for this whilst politically seeming to be getting on with life for the rest of us. The false impression fostered , of normality, is as much it do with not causing panic as to save the elite and apparatus of government . Whilst they flee downward or skyward, it is to be thought we will be kept occupied by wars and economic collapse. So, when the manure and the propeller meet, in a few years time we won't notice the politicians are somehow not to be found!!!

Hence we come back to the wars being fought, and next the one maybe the bombing of Iran. Or even North Korea. And if one has no enemies to fight, then as with the pretext of 9/11- a government inside job I personally assume it to be then with these false flags we proceed to create the enemy through which we wage our wars.
Thus, they will tie the populace down completely with sky high fuel prices, with wars raging, even a third world war!!!, poor health, poisoned water and food, chemtrails, and of course the mind numbing, television , simply to distract our minds whilst the elite, are focused on what is incoming, in the heavens.
This would make sense assuming that planet x, is coming back, as it was once experienced by our ancestors, and is a reality. Alternatively something else may be lurking in wait as we approach the galactic centre. Huge gravitational storms, cosmic dust clouds disrupting the sun, causing the CME's, and other things are muted.
Now the evidence for this is, whilst slight, yet is sifficiently potent, such that sufficient that we are allowed to use our discernment and imagination. To formulate our hypothesies and then wait as events unfold. There is no other way, except to go back to sleep like the vast, vast majority do, and keep on living as though all is sweetness and light amongst the political and industrial heierarchy. And everyone else is happy,
I am sure it isn't.

Now one major clue, why would NASA make two or more warnings about violent solar activity in 2012? And present a seminar to business leaders a few months ago, telling them how to protect computer systems when the sun explodes!!!!!! the question is never answered what may be causing the sun to errupt in a few years time. Could planet X be causing the sun to errupt? ? Nothing happens by chance, these CME events are not random , and NASA seems to imply that this one is predictable. They seem to know something is about to happen, again look at the satelites they have in orbit and look at the focus on the suns/earths south pole. What are they expecting to see??????.

Then we have the south pole telescope, and the vatican telescope in Arizona. We have WISE and CHANDRA and IRAS and the Japanese satellite, and the French South Pole telescope. Why the focus on this latitude as though they are waiting the arrival of something? There is even the observatory in Chile built at huge exepnse, everything is looking southwards and in the infra red, it seems or X-ray spectrum. One can only assume they are seeking a dark body, and it is thought, a brown dwarf. At about 4-5 earth masses. Why have they alluded recently, to WISE seeking out brown dwarfs in particular, are they implying something here?
Then we have the mystery of the third secret of Fatima. NOW if something is being hidden from us, this third secret, then the reason must be something terrible is being predicted to happen. If it was given for a reason it is being hidden converesly for that same reason.!! Think of it.
So many threads. So many question unanswered.

More will be said about all this, on the next posting .

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