some thoughts as regards the arrival of phaeton, also world events and the UFO subject

the purpose of this blog is to put together some thoughts on three subjects mainly, the coming of phaeton, the UFO subject matter, and lasty world events. other things may be included but these three are the main categories of my thought

Monday, 19 July 2010

a few words to make my purpose clear

I only wish to say, this blog is as much to crystallise my own thinking as to offer I hope, insights and such to others. it is up to you all to do your own thinking, based on what information comes to you. no one can do this for you. do as I do, treat all these things as at best interesting hypothesis until their truth or falsity becomes clear to you. hold beliefs by all means but an open mind truly open is always willing to ditch old beliefs in light of new information. this is the way I do things.